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Buying a House



Past Due Mortgage?

Get Your Home Sold!

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At Jeannette Sibley & Associates, we take great pride in providing a high-level of personalized services to property sellers in the Shreveport/Bossier area that may be facing foreclosure or forbearance. We're here to make sure we make a difference and help people during difficult times. That’s why we’ve carved out the reputation of being one of the best possible Real Estate Teams in the area due to our dedication for our clients.

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Short Sale

  • Foreclosure?

  • Forbearance Payments Past Due?

  • Past Due Mortgage?

  • Losing A Source of Income?

  • Unable to Sell Your Home or Property?

We Can Help!

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Current Short Sale listings

View some of our current short sale listings in the Shreveport/Bossier area. Reach out to us to get your home listed and featured on our site.

Let's get your home sold today.

Current Property Listings
  • Looking to sell your home? Let us help you get that done quickly.

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